17 November 2008

Lanzarote Island, Canary Islands

Moored at Rubicon Marina

Lanzarote Island
Canary Islands
North Atlantic Ocean

Sandpiper pulled up the hook and sailed south 30 miles to where we are moored at Rubicon Marina on the southern end of Lanzarote Island. It was a bit of an extreme sail as the winds were blowing 25 knots all along Lanzarote Island which is covered with lava. In fact, all the islands are. It was a bit unnerving to be sailing for 30 miles along jagged lava cliffs, and being only 1/2-mile away with large ocean swells smashing against them and winds wanting to push us towards shore.

We did not have much information about Playa Blanca other then an old guide book that made us believe that there was just a small anchorage with a small town. To our surprise we arrived in a new booming tourist development full of pasty white European tourists, most naked, laying all along the shoreline. Most of Playa Blanca has been built within the last 5 years, along with the ritzy Marina Rubicon that Sandpiper is moored in.

There is not much of an anchorage in Playa Blanca. So we decided to pull into Rubicon Marina to catch up on laundry and other boat projects as this might be Sandpipers last marina for a very long time.

We were also able to meet up with some other American boats. There is Don and Anne from "Redwood Coast" that we had met in Malaysia,  and who helped us to fill our propane tanks in Gibraltar. Also, there is Veutus and Tracy from "Sunshine Daydream" who have hosted us on their boat twice since meeting them last week. However, after I brought the Tequilla the last time to their boat, it may be awhile before we hang with them again.

More if it happens,
Tom and Amy

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