13 November 2008

Playa Francesa, Los Graciosa Island, Canary Islands

Anchored at Playa Francesa
La Graciosa Island
Canary Islands
North Atlantic Ocean

Sandpiper has her hook buried deep in the sands on the southern end of La Graciosa Island, our first stop in the Canary Islands. We were not sure if we should heave to and await sunrise to make our approach to this anchorage. But the moon being so bright, and having confidence in our electronic charts, we decided to make one or our very rare night approaches to anchor. The moon has been so bright that its almost like being out in the middle of the day. When out on deck there is no need for a flashlight.

Once we got the hook set at 4am we cracked a cold beer then fell asleep for the remainder of the day. We awoke to find two other American boats anchored next to us that we had met in Gibraltar.

We are quite lucky to be here as once we arrived the winds have picked up and are blowing 30 knots offshore. Once again our weather planning has paid off and the 3 week wait in the in the Straits of Gibraltar has made this last ocean transit uneventful.

Today we pumped up Sandpipers dingy and went ashore for a bit of exploring. La Gracisoa Island is a small island that is all sand with several volcanic hills. It has one small town (Caleta de Sebo) that tourists come to visit on the daily ferry that pulls into the small harbor here. There is not much to see other then lots of sand, and the very small town that loses its population once the ferry leaves.

Sandpiper's plans are to leave tomorrow for a 30 mile trip to the southern end of Lanzarote Island where we plan to stay for a few days and rent a car for a bit of exploration if possible.

More soon,
Tom and Amy

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