19 November 2008

Naked Frisbee at Playa De Las Mujeres

Anchored Playa De Las Mujeres
Lanzarote Island
Canary Islands
North Atlantic.

Naked Frisbee! That's right. Just off of Sandpiper's stern are hundreds of naked Europeans laying out on the beach, and 2 very overweight naked men running around playing Frisbee. It could be worse, at least they are not playing leap frog.

As attractive as a beach full of naked people sounds, the reality is somewhat less then attractive. I am not sure why, but on any other beach in the world, everyone lays around on their towels soaking up the sun. But on the naked beach behind us, everyone (mostly overweight men) just walks around with their hands on their hips. And every few steps, they stop, spread their legs, and starts up a chat with the next naked person they see.

We left Rubicon Marina after Amy walked into town to get groceries for the next week. We then motored a short one mile east to where we are currently anchored among 10 other boats. All the sailboats here in the Canaries are getting ready to cross the Atlantic. We are among many European boats that are just setting out on their cruising adventures. There are a very few that have come as far as the 'Piper, some of whom we have encountered in different ports the last 3 years. After all this time, we are anchored right next to each other.

Next to us is S/V Ohana Kai and S/V Moorea that we left Mexico with. Out of all the boats that left Mexico in 2006, only 3 boats that have come this far.

One reason that we are all anchored here is because the normal port for boats crossing the Atlantic to depart from at Grand Canary Island. Right now there are over 200 boats anchored over there getting ready to start their Atlantic crossing (The ARC Rally) this Sunday. So any boat not in the ARC Rally is killing time here at this island until this weekend when  the Grand Canary Island anchorage clears out.

We have been part of several rallies in the past. But this one makes no sense. It costs thousands of dollars to join, and one receives very little in return. Most of the boats in the rally are from the UK and are quite large.

Sandpiper's current plans are to hang out at naked beach until tomorrow, and then head out for a 90 mile over night sail to Grand Canary Island to watch the ARC Rally depart. Then we plan to take one of their spots in the anchorage.

More later from our next stop,
Tom and Amy

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