03 September 2008

Astypalaia Island

Anchored at Ormos Agrilithi (Agrilithi Bay)
Astypalaia Island
The Dodecanese (12 islands)

Another rough passage. We left the quay this morning at 7am, a day later then planned due to high winds from the direction we need to go, and we got thoroughly thrashed! The passage to where we are currently anchored at Astipalaia Island was 37 miles straight into the 20+ knot winds and seas all day.

We are still having drama with Sandpiper's cooling pump on the engine. It leaks everywhere every time I rebuild it with new gaskets and seals. Now have to constantly pour fresh water into the coolant tank about every 15 minutes. Every time we get smacked by a large wave we loose sea water discharge. This is not good either and this requires a bit of action in the engine room to get the sea water discharge going again. I have given up on trying to rebuild this pump. As soon as we can get to somewhere where we can receive mail, then we will try to have a new one shipped to us. This pump has given us all kinds of drama the last couple of years. Every time we think we have it figured out, it fails on us. This makes running the engine for long periods a bit stressful with constant checking in the engine room.

Anyway... living the dream out here! We are anchored in a small bay surrounded by old ruins and sheep walking around with bells on their collars. We can hear them jingling around the shores. We have swapped a few hoses around on the engine room. So hoping tomorrow's 30 mile trip upwind to the next island is a little less stressful

Tom and Amy

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