04 September 2008

Anafi Island

Anchored in an unknown bay
Anafi Island
The Cyclades

We did it! We actually sailed and not just for part of the trip today but the entire 35 nautical miles and we averaged 6 knots all day! It wasn't the smoothest of sailing but it was much more pleasant than smelling diesel exhaust all day and a lot quieter too.

Not much else to report as when the engine isn't running Tom doesn't have to do his Stairmaster workout and continually check/re-fill the coolant. The fridge has been running for a full 36 hours without incident.

Tomorrow we arrive at perhaps our last Greek Island and one I hope we can stay at for a few days. The Island of Thera, or as most know of it as Santorini. I promised my friend Amy I would cross it off her 'bucket list'. I hope to spend the next few days exploring the island, people watching, and expanding my Greek culinary experiences.

Until then,
Amy and Tom

1 comment:

ames said...

I'll meet you in La (Oia) for some sunset cocktails. I also would like to know what Sutsukaki tastes like (battered fried local romas tomatoes)

You must find some hotel pools to ahem, sample...