01 September 2008

Nisyros Island

Med Moored at Paloi
Nisyros Island
The Dodecanese

Happy Labor Day! How fitting as it's the first day since back on the boat that we haven't had to do anything involving labor. Since being back on the boat and even leaving Turkey we have had nothing but issues with our refrigeration system. We keep asking each other "How could such a small box hold so much R-134?" The past week has gone something like this: fridge overloads, fridge freaks out, coolant lines freezes up, fridge heats up. Our drill goes something like this: boil water, apply wet hot rag to lines to defrost, remove frost, put fuse back in, and try her again. This process has been at least a twice daily event for us, except for today! Today... so far, so good. Fingers crossed, no more fridge freak-outs.

Another project has been the sea water/fresh water coolant pump for Sandpiper's engine. We have had it fixed or repaired in several countries and it still leaks! While you have your fingers crossed for the fridge lets do the same for the pump and hope yesterday was the LAST time it had to be removed, fiddled with, and replaced. Even though it's not totally leak free, we will take the leaking of sea water over loosing fresh water any day.

Ahhh yes. Fixing the boat in exotic locations and 'Living the Dream.'

Since there were no projects to attend to, we rented a scooter and set off to explore this small almost perfectly circular volcanic island. We were told that the crater was featured in a James Bond flick and home to Mr. Bond's lair. But a local at the crater said he didn't think that was true. But perhaps this was the inspiration the idea.

So once at the active volcano we hiked up to see and smell the beauty. Nothing better than the smell of sulfur being blown into your face early in the morning. We then fought our way through the tourist and down into the large crater of Stefanos. I've never been that close to hot earth under my feet. If you stopped for even seconds you could feel the heat coming up through your shoes and around your ankles. Too cool! I thought it a bit dangerous that they just let us all walk around as you could possibly step somewhere near these boiling pool of water and create your own crater. But hey, who needs safety?

Back on the bike to explore some more of the island. We wound our way further up the mountain side with miles of sweeping views of the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean and came to the town of Nikeia. Nikeia is as you picture a Greek mountain village to look like, small and narrow cobblestone lanes, white houses with the vibrant blue shutters and door and winding stairwells to get lost in. There's also an overpriced museum on the history of the volcano in town. Not recommended by Team Sandpiper.

Time for lunch, so we ride back down the mountain and to the main port town of Madraki where we dined on Greek salad and chicken Gyros. Wrapping up the day with the bike we assumed our positions of Tom steering and me holding on for dear life on the back, but this time with camera in hand to take a video of the narrow streets and colorful buildings. Stay tuned for the video to appear on You Tube soon.

Love to all. Hope the Holiday weekend was enjoyed!
Amy and Tom

Note From Ron: I found this notable blog posting about the island of Nisyros... worth a read.

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