12 September 2006

Noon Position 12-Sep-2006

Tonga to Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

  • 18°2.0000"S/175°45.9000"W
  • 90nm last 24hrs
  • 107nm from Tonga
  • 300nm to Fiji
  • 5 knots E
  • 1ft E calm seas
Wind?? We were able to sail all night. But at 10am we were making only 1 knot. So we have been motoring all day. The winds are supposed to fall back in tomorrow. So maybe it is just for the next 24 hours. If anything, this is the most we have motored in months, so our batteries should get a nice juicy charge up.

We are headed to the town of Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu on the Northern Fiji Islands. We are going to check in and will then make plans on where we are spending the next 2 weeks after we get better charts in town. There are 322 islands in all of Fiji of which only 100 are inhabited. So there will be lots of places to explore.

There are lots and lots of reefs around Fiji. We are taking a shipping channel in from the north, so our actual mileage to Fiji is off a bit.

There are volcanic islands all over here, as well as many underwater volcanos that are erupting . They release pumice rocks, that float. We have seen and gone through large patches of these all afternoon.

We did hook into a really nice 40 pound Mahi Mahi that Amy is looking up recipes for as I am typing this post.

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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