13 September 2006

Noon Position 13-Sep-2006

Tonga to Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

  • 17°7.3000"S/177°43.7000"W
  • 125nm last 24hrs
  • 231nm from Tonga
  • 160nm to Fiji
  • 10-15 knots E
  • 3ft E seas
We got the winds back at daybreak this morning and are now back to sailing! Just another day at sea. We anticipate being at our turn point sometime early AM, then entering Nanuku Pass for another 60 miles to Savusavu, Fiji.

We have not seen another boat since leaving Tonga. There should be al lot more traffic once inside Fiji's waters. Will let you know tomorrow how the pass is. And, we should be sipping cold beers by tomorrow night!!

Tom and Amy

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