11 September 2006

Noon Position 11-Sep-2006

Tonga to Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

  • 18°39.5000"S/174°19.4000"W
  • 21nm last 4 hrs
  • 21nm from Tonga
  • 400nm to Fiji
  • 10 knots E
  • calm seas
THE KING IS DEAD! This morning, at 8am, we departed Tonga and are en route Fiji. As we were leaving the harbor, it was announced that the king of Tonga had passed away. We left just in time, as Tonga is now in a 100 day mourning period, and all business will be closed. In short, it will be hard to get a beer anywhere in Tonga during the next 100 days!

We had a great time at the full moon party while anchored off Vaka'eitu Island in the North Tonga Group. 40 boats and 150 people showed up! There was a dinghy valet service at the beach. Ashore was a small stage and outdoor kitchen. It was BYOB, and you could buy cups of ice for your drinks. At sunset there was a Tongan BBQ. Lots of fun was had by all. We saw a lot of people we had met along our Pacific crossing, including boats from Mexico.

After the sunset there were fire dancers and kind of a Tongan rave with Moon Maidens walking around with large punch bowls of some unknown liquid. As usual, Team Sandpiper was one of the last boats to depart, around 1 am.

We also had to say goodbye to our friends Chris, Kelly, and daughter Claire, who are heading south from Tonga en route New Zealand. We have been sailing together since the Baja HaHa in Mexico.

We are sailing out here with our friends from s/v Blue Sky, Sheriaz and Towanda. Don't forget to check out their web sites that are at the bottom right side of this site.

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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