14 February 2006

Bahia Tenacatita

  • Bahia Tenacatita
We had a great day of motor sailing straight downwind with just the main up, hitting 9 knots at one point. We motored, as we did not want to arrive at the anchorage after sunset. The anchorage in Bahia Tenactita is very remote, and there is about 40 other boats anchored here on the north end of the bay. We anchored right next to the beach. It was nice to be in an anchorage that did not have swells coming through it.

Some boats have been anchored here more than a month. The other boats are just anchored here awaiting favorable weather either northbound or southbound. Just about everywhere we have been in Mexico there is a morning "radio net" where all the boats in the area check in. Then there is a discussion on the weather, boats needing assistance, and other topics.

There is a tiny river that empties into the anchorage. We took the dinghy up the river for a 4 mile jungle river trip. Most of the river is mangroves and is very narrow. We had a couple close encounters with pangas full of tourists flying up and down the river at full speed. At the end of the river is the tiny town of Tenacatita, where we made a lunch stop. Then we went back down the river for dinner to a beach palapa where we met up with some of the other cruisers anchored there.

We ran into the crew from "Godspeed". We had traded outboard engines in Turtle Bay during the Baja HaHa. We stayed in this anchorage for 3 days.

Amy's birthday was on the Monday the 13th, so we spent her day laying out on the beach, and having drinks ashore at the beach palapa. Also, there was a full moon on the 13th, making for a very scenic setting to be anchored in.

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