10 February 2006

Bahia Chamela

  • Bahia Chamela
  • 19'32.000n 105'07.000w

Picked up anchor at 6am in Ipala, in the dark, and trying not to hit the boat that dropped their anchor on ours. We headed out for Bahia Chamela, a 52 mile sail. Just to refresh your minds 52 miles takes us 10 hours. Crap that's a long time. Good thing for the Sirius satellite radio. Howard Stern makes the day go by way fast.

What a great day of sailing we had today, one of probably 10 since leaving the Bay Area. Had great winds, 15-20 mph, from behind us. So made it in record time.

I forgot to mention it is whale season around here this time of year, and we've seen lots of them. Nothing breaching out of the water or having any sort of moment with nature. But a great joy to watch from a distance. Saw a couple turtles today too.

Once pulling into Chamela the winds really picked up. We ended up just dropping the sail fast, getting her tied up, and finding a spot to anchor.

It is now sunset, enjoying our sundowners. Will have a bite to eat, and then up again tomorrow for a 25 mile cruise to Bahia Tenacatita. Looking forward to this. Getting a little stir crazy with being on the boat. I can't believe it was my idea to sail for 28 days straight. What was I thinking?

Again, a big shout out to all that helped us get 'Sandpiper' back in order. Without them we wouldn't we able send out these messages. Miss you all. Hope all is well, and please keep in touch.

Love to all
Amy and Tom

EDITOR Tom's note: Amy's B-day is on the 13th, and she loves DVD movies that make her cry. And especially love Tiffany's jewlery.............

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Ron Larson said...

Since moving to Australia back in 2001, I've missed Howard Stern too. They don't even know who the hell he is here. Thank God for Bittorrent!

It sure was weird beinging in Los Angeles in January and not having Howard on the KLSX morning radio anymore. Too bad they only transmit form a satellite sitting over North America. Can't pick it up on this side of the planet.

Have fun!

Brother Ron