09 November 2005

Getting Warmer

24'07."0N 111'39."8W
  • 09-Nov-2005
Today is Wednesday November 9, 2005. Since our last entry we have sailed, motor sailed, hit several parties, fished, and are now back to sailing.

We arrived in Bahia Santa Maria on Monday morning around 4am, dropped anchor, and went to bed. Woke to a beautiful sunny anchorage with most of the fleet around us. We didn't do much on Monday. We pumped up the dingy, went over to visit with 'Chaitanya' , and then off to trade our outboard with another boat, 'Godspeed'.

We had an 8 horse power Nissan. But it was just too much power for our little dinghy. So we traded it for a 4 horse power. So far I think the trade is going to work out. Godspeed is a race car driver. So he likes to go fast. With our new engine we don't go as fast, but we also don't get a ton of water in the boat. A dryer ride is always better.

After cruising the harbor, we set ourselves up with a couple of Sundowners, got the cell phone to work, and watched the setting sun. Monday night I cooked up Tom's prize winning tuna. It was delicious.

After roll call on Tuesday morning we had a free rum tasting party on the sponsor's boat 'Profligate'. Everyone came over on their dinghys and rafted up all around this huge 63 foot cat. Lots of fun! Then up to the beach for the next party, complete with a local Mexican Rock-n-Roll cover band, beer, lobster, and shrimp. If your sayin' to yourself "man all they do is party", well, yes. But we put in a little bit of hard work here and there too. Back to the boat after the party and, oh snap, the boat won't start. Good thing for Captain Tom, because he was on it. He found the issue and got us running within the hour.

We left the anchorage this morning at 3am. Tom got us out safely. I took my watch till about 7 then down for a nap.

Seems like every time I'm napping, Tom catches a fish. This morning was a good one. Dorado or Mahi Mahi, 4 feet in length, 40 lbs, with beautiful blues and yellows. We weren't sure where to kill this one, so George gaphed him and gaphed him good, swung him into the cockpit, and poured Vodka in his gills. Killing, cleaning, and filleting the fish is a long and dirty process. But the end result is always worth it. We've got some good eatin' for the next couple of meals that's for sure.

So far today we've been able to sail for the last 3 hours. We hope to keep this up at least through the afternoon. We have 133 miles till Cabo. We should arrive in about 28 hours, if we keep up the good sailing speed.

We plan on getting a slip in Cabo for a few days, attend a bunch more parties, and see friends that are flying down.


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Ron Larson said...

Vodka in the gills? Doesn't that just make an it angry, and DRUNK, fish?