06 November 2005

At Sea

  • 06-Nov-2005
We are at sea again after leaving Turtle Bay yesterday morning and are enroute Bahia Santa Maria, which we should be arriving at 1am.

Our last day in Turtle Bay was allot of fun. There was a big party for all the HAHA'ers on the beach. If you go to Latitude38's web site, check out their 'Lectronic Latitude site. There should be pictures posted of the beach party.

We got a water taxi to the beach. Then, as the sun was setting, we got another water taxi to town. We had dinner at a small restaurant right on the beach where one of the locals had invited us to the day before, as it was his birthday. Our friends Ian & Heidi were there with their crew. George ran into a guy that is married to his secretary, and is crewing on another boat. Ian & Heidi's kids are a hit here with all the locals. Everyone in town, I believe, had to hold their baby.

We pulled up anchor at 0830am. Every morning there is a radio role call where all the boats check in or give their position. Then the start of leg 2 with all 150 boats starting at once. The weather was supposed to be mild, but we ended up getting 35 knot winds from right behind with a few very large swells.

My crew have been chuckling at my fishing attempts, but still managed to catch 2 Yellow Tail Tuna at the same time!! Was a bit of a blood bath on the back of the boat. One fish even leapt from my hands to his freedom.

Last year I bought a Pur35 water maker. It makes 1 gallon of fresh water from sea water every hour. I have not used it since I installed it. I got to run it last night, and as of now, Sandpiper is making more fresh water than we are using!!

Really clear night last night, surrounded by the lights from the other boats and lots of stars above. We sailed till about 10pm last night then the wind went away. So we have been motor sailing ever since (it is 11am). We are dragging more lures behind the boat today, and it is really nice and sunny.

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