04 November 2005

Turtle Bay

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  • Turtle Bay
We are in God's country.

Greetings all. We are in serious no-man's land. Or as the locals like to call it, "Turtle Bay". We arrived yesterday at 4pm, had dinner, and then hit the ground running. We left the anchorage around 5am and, of course, motored the entire 11 hours.

Tom caught a beautiful Pacific Bonito fish which weighed in around 8 pounds. He sprung into action, cutting off his head, gutting him, and then filleting him up for a wonderful fresh fish dinner. Upon arrival in Turtle bay I had a pitcher of Margaritas all ready to celebrate. Warm brie and then that fish. We put a call out to the Baja fleet if anyone wanted to join us for dinner since we had so much. The response was, "bonito is cat food." Well, yea. It turns out it wasn't very good. Prepared excellent, but yea, it's actually used for bait, not for eating. Needless to say, George and I are having frequent bouts of explosions from our bottoms while Tom, the iron stomach, is fine.

Looking forward to going to town in daylight and checking it out. So talk to ya'll later.


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