03 November 2005

Islas San Benitos

28'18.1N 115'34.2W
  • Islas San Benitos
Greetings from Islas San Benitos. We spent the day motor sailing with very light winds and lots of sun. It is finally getting hot out! Spent the day laying around while the boat drove itself on auto pilot. Having Sirius satellite radio is one of the better items we installed before we left, as we have over 150 channels of news and music to listen to.

We ended up in a school of more than 500 porpoises that were jumping out of the water all around Sandpiper. We decided to do several circles and got some great pictures.

Around sunset we were next to a small group of islands and took a vote to anchor there for the night. If we kept going, we would be pulling into Turtle Bay in the middle of the night, and then trying to anchor in a pitch black anchorage. We anchored in a very tiny cove in a group of 3 islands called Islas San Benitos, just as the sun was setting.

A small boat with 3 lobster fishermen pulled up asking if we wanted lobsters. As bad as this sounds, we had to turn them down, as we had nowhere to put them!!!

We left at 4am and made it out of the anchorage without getting caught in the huge kelp beds that are all over the anchorage. To bad we did not have another day, as this group of islands are very cool. And there is a really small town and lots of neat stuff that would be fun to check out.

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