03 November 2005

3rd day out

  • Off of Baja California

Its 8:30am on Wed morning on Sandpiper. I have the watch. George just woke up and made us some coffee and Amy is asleep, as she had the early morning watch. We have broken up the evening watches: Amy 1800-2100, Tom 2100-2400, George 2400-0300, Amy 0300-0600, Tom 0600-0900. We decided that during the day someone is usually awake so we don't have a day schedule. So far it seems like there are no mutinies in the planning as of yet.

We are about 40 miles offshore and are still motor sailing with the rest of the fleet, as there is less than 10 knots of wind.

I dropped a trolling line in the water and caught a small Yellow Tail Tuna, which I threw back as I am hoping for something a little larger for dinner tonight.

Most of the 150 boats that left San Diego are all spread out all over the place. We have about 6 boats within sight of us right now. Every morning on the HF radio there is a morning roll call for all 150 boats who report in their positions and any problems that they might be having. After that there is a giant radio chat room where all the boaters can talk about anything that is happening.

We currently have 100 miles left before we get to Turtle Bay and should be getting there at the anchorage somewhere during the night. It is getting warmer every day and the seas are really calm. Llots of cool sea life out here.

If you are following this BLOG, go to the sailing magazine Latitude 38's web site and click on the 'Letronic Latitude. There should be photos and updates posted daily of all the fun out here.


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