01 November 2005

At Sea

30'48.683N 116'32.968W
  • Off of Baja California
Hola, Amigos!
Oh snap, we are in Mexico! I wasn't freakin' out much coming down the coast but now that I know it's going to be a while coming back to the States I'm a little freaked out.

We sailed a good portion of the day yesterday. It was great and something entirely new for Tom and I, finally we get to sail. I'm already extremely thankful we have our friend George on board. He's been a big help. He knows a lot about the sails and the best way to work them.

We divided up our watches last night and kept to it give or take an hour. I had the 3-6, but I think I actually did the 5:15 to current. A little late, but I think I got to sleep more since I was the only one braveing the galley. After about 5 minutes down below you sometimes start to not feel so well.

Saw a few dolphins, shooting stars, kick ass phosphorescent (that scared tom), and an Ocean Sunfish. They are the flat, quirky looking things.

We've been motor sailing this morning at around 6.5 knots... not bad. We had a radio check at 7:30am and most boats are beating us. But we were expecting that. Spoke to Chitayna this morning. It sounds like they are having an exciting adventure. They had some issues with their water maker, and thought they were on fire. But they just blew a fuse.

My GPS says we have 253 mies left to our first stop, which works out to be 38 hours. Sure hope that wind comes up soon.

P.S. Tom is officially retired today!!!

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