16 November 2005


Team Sandpiper & Team Chaitanya headed out this morning to get around to Southern tip of Baja, and hit 30 knots of wind right on the nose. As hard as we motored into to wind and waves for 5 hours, all we could make was 3 knots. We talked to Chaitanya and decided that we would not be able to make anchorage before sunset. So we decided to turn around and go back to Cabo.

Pulling into an anchorage at night is really dicey and is really not worth attempting, unless it is well marked on charts and there is a large channel. The problem with the electronic charting is that GPS is so accurate. The charts here in Mexico have not been verified, and sometimes the GPS will plot you on land. So making an approach at night is not the safest thing to do.

Getting back into Cabo the swells are running straight into the anchorage, making all the boats roll all over the place. We saw our friends from the Bay area, Neil and Jackie, that sailed in last night. They were headed to shore for the night as being on their boat was making them sick.

Our plan is to get a weather report tomorrow morning and decide what our plan is going to be.

Tom and Amy

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy and Amy, I am not sure if you will get this, but am really happy for you both to be on the water and have freedom of movement. Good luck and if you get anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands, give me a call and I will fly for a visit. Love Aunt Mary
808 982-8486. maryfnielsen@hotmail.com