15 November 2005


22 53.1 N 109 54.2 W
  • Cabo San Lucas
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Greetings all, hope this finds everyone well.

Tom and I have been busy here in Cabo, provisioning the boat, getting her clean, checking into Mexico, and of course sampling Margaritas. We ended up staying 3 nights at the marina here, which is always nice. It makes it a lot easier to get things done.

On Thursday night there was a welcoming party at 'Squid Row' for us boaters. 'Squid Row' is a crazy, dancing on the bar, type of place. So everyone was letting loose.

Friday was the party at the beach. Kind of a chance for us all to get together yet again and see where everyone is going next. And maybe do some buddy boating. 'Team Sandpiper' and 'Team Chiaytana' are sticking together for the next couple of weeks. So we all feel safe with that.

Did laundry at the marina What a great experience. Nothing better than being able to swim and launder at the same time.

Saturday night was the awards party for the race. Man! So many parties. The ceremony was really nice. We got third place. The only way to win first is if you sail the entire race, and we couldn't do that. We would just be pulling in if that was the case.

Doing the 'Ha Ha' was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. I recommend it to future boaters. We met some really great folks and will probably be seeing them all throughout the next couple of months.

Sunday we left the marina and dropped anchor right across from all the beach parties. Makes for quality people watching. I really felt like I was in Cabo when we snorkeled off the side of the boat and swam to the beach.

Tuesday was my friend Jen's birthday. So we went to my favorite wine bar here, and then out for some authentic Mexican food. Tom has decided to sample molé all over Mexico.

Today we met Don and Nelda Keltner in San Jose Del Cabo for a great care package from mom, and my passport. Had a nice lunch and a really hot walk to the bus. I don't understand how the locals never look like they are hot and sweaty.

We leave tomorrow morning for Los Frailes and Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, a national marine sanctuary that should have some great snorkeling. The water here is so clear, warm and just beautiful.

After a couple days there, we will cross the Sea of Cortez and hit Mazatlán. This is about a 35 hour sail, so we need to make sure we are rested up. Los Frailes should be a relaxing stop.

We've had great coverage on our cell and love hearing from you all. So give us a call.


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Jen said...

Hi guys! Back in the Eat Bay and already missing the hot temps and cool margaritas of Cabo. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Looking forward to hearing more details of the trip when you get over to the Nat'l Park. Safe travels - smooth sailin'. Many thanks for a wonderful b'day celebration. Love, Jen