21 November 2005

Los Frailes

  • Los Frailes

Greetings from Los Frailes (the Friars),

We have been anchored at Los Frailes where we have been for the last few days. As our last entry we had to turn back last time we attempted to get here as the winds on the East Cape are really strong and coming from due north, the direction we were attempting to go.

We left Cabo last Friday and had a great trip. Had very light winds right until the last 10 miles, when we got hit with 30 knot winds right on the nose. We motor sailed with a double reef in the main sail, tacking back and forth, till we finally made the harbor. Team Chaitayana was right behind us. Sandpiper took a lot of water over the bow, but did a great job of getting us here dry.

We had only planned on staying here for a day of so. But the forecasted winds are more than we want to sail in, and there were about 30 boats anchored here all waiting for a break in the winds. Some boats are going north to La Paz. And the others are going to Mazatlán.

Being here is actually really nice except for the high winds. This area is a marine refuge, and is very remote. Our friends from Oakland on SV Voyager caught up to us as well, So all we really have been doing is spending our days hanging out on the beach, swimming ,snorkelling, and then having margaritas every evening with our other boat friends.

Last night a 44 foot Hans Christian (for the non-boaters, this is one of the best boats you can buy, and is heavily rigged.) pulled in. They lost their mast 3 miles out of the anchorage. They are from Canada, and are all right, just no mast. I am glad I replaced all of Sandpiper’s rigging before we left Oakland!!

I woke up this morning and ran the generator to recharge the batteries. The boat’s battery power switch melted, shorting out the HF radio (the radio that we use to send email), and our Sirius radio. So until we get to Mazatlán, we will not be able to post any new entries. After this one is written, we are going to take this over to Team Chaitayana and they will email this to Ron so he can post this.

We are planning on taking off around 4am as the weather guys are predicting a weakening wind tomorrow. We will be out for the next 36 hours and getting to Mazatlán before Thanksgiving.


Greetings all and Happy Turkey Day week! It's hard to believe since it's been so hot and sunny but the Holidays are here.

On our Friday voyage here we had some pretty intense winds. But Sandpiper did great. Those last few miles getting here was a bit nerve racking. At times we had sprays the length of the boat shooting over us. Good thing for the hard dodger.

The first night here we got a ride from 'Liberty Call' to the beach and made the trek to the local restaurant, "Quinto's". You'll see the photos soon. It is a small palapa that has had some great business from all of us boaters this past week. Tom and I have been there almost every day since being here, and it's great. The chef, Pablo, is really friendly and makes some mean shrimps. Pablo told us yesterday that with all the business they have had this week, they were able to buy a fridge for the restaurant.

Last night we had a small gathering on Sandpiper with Team Chaitanya and Team Voyager. We cooked up the rest of Tom's Dorado, pasta salad, green salad and pudding for dessert. This place is great a little paradise. But I am looking forward to getting to Mazatlán for Thanksgiving, talking to friends and family, and being at a pier.

Hugs and Kisses to all.

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