01 October 2005

Santa Cruz

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Hi Everyone,

We are anchored by the fishing pier in Santa Cruz and got here at 4pm yesterday. We are here with a few other boats and are right off the beach where the boardwalk is. Don't think that we would want to stay here another night as there are hundreds of sea-lions under the pier all barking at once.

We left Half Moon Bay at 7am and motored most of the morning about 3 miles off the coast. We had a really good trip on this stretch as once we turned left out of the harbor we had the seas off the Stbd quarter making the the trip fairly smooth, we even we able to try out the new main sail while we motor sailed giving us about 7 knots. So far the most used equipment is the auto-pilot as all we have to do is lay back and read. 2nd is the new handheld GPS plotter that we have in the cockpit and can hold in our hands as we are pulling into port.

Its 9:30am and Amy and I having coffee & tea, we are about to pull up anchor and head into the marina in Santa Cruz harbor and spend the night here, the yacht club here gives discounts for mooring up and has internet access, we will try to update our "photo album" pictures tonight.


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