02 October 2005


37' 30".1N 122' 29".0W
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Greeting All, It's First Mate Amy.
Well, we have arrived in Monterey today sailing from Moss Landing. Our sail from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz was uneventful which is always good. Once in Santa Cruz we anchored out by the pier and all of the loud sea lions. We got a gold star that day because we didn't spend any money.

Early the next morning we pulled into the Santa Cruz Harbor, showered, walked the boardwalk and then checked out the Yacht Club. The club was great, everyone was supper friendly. We ate dinner there and got lots of sailing advice from some salty dogs. I didn't want to leave Santa Cruz without riding the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster so we did that sat. afternoon and then had a perfect sail to Moss Landing. The weather was great and we had the boat cruzing at about 7knots which is really good for the sandpiper.

Once in Moss Landing we tied up at the Elkhorn Yacht Club again meeting lots of friendly folks. That night we gorged ourselves at one of my favorite seafood shacks, Phil's. Years ago Tom and his dad use to have their fishing boat in Moss Landing and would sell their fish to Phil. This morning we went to visit Tom's dad at the Fisherman's Cemetary, had breakfast and then had a nice sail to Monterey.

We plan on being here until Wed. Hoping to wait out a storm and leave for our big 17 hour sail to San Simeon. Hope all is well with eveyone. Tom and I are always available by cell if you like to give us a call. 510-637-8130

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