06 October 2005

San Simeon

35' 38.3"N - 121' 11.4"W
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The Sandpiper is safely anchored in San Simeon after a 90 mile sail down the coast. We left Monterey at 3am Wed morning after waiting for a good weather window for getting around Big Sur. This stretch of coast can be really nasty and is known for its high winds, if you get into trouble here there is nowhere to pull into. We motored in some wide swells and was able to motor under a reefed main as the wind was from dead astern all day and we were surfing down 15ft swells. All in all it was a good trip and only had to adjust the sails once, and the auto pilot was able to do all the work for us. The trip was about 16 hours and we anchored in San Simeon just as the sun was setting, perfect timing as pulling into an unknown anchorage at night is not allot of fun. Another great piece of equipment that we get tons of use out of our SIRIUS satellite radio, if you don't have one get one!!

San Simeon is really just a small anchorage as there really is not a town here. Hearst Castle is just up the hill from here and there is a small camp ground, but that is about it. We are going to stay anchored here today as it is nice and sunny today and will head South to Morro Bay tomorrow morning to meet up with friends on another boat that are sailing to Mexico as well.


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