29 September 2005

First day at sea

37' 30".1N 122' 29".0W
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First Mates Log, first email written from our new sailmail account.

Left the Presidio at 5:30am, was really dark and cold but no fog. Once we headed out around the corner for Ocean beach I started not to feel so well, vomit episode number one. We had no wind so motored the entire route. Got real cold off shore, stuck in a trough, vomit episode number two. With all the rocking of the boat it put me right to sleep, woke to vomit episode number three, then some more nap time. Tom's a great Captain and enjoying all his gadgets.

The new handheld chart system is really cool, even I think so.

We arrived in Half Moon Bay this morning around 10:00am. Went to get something in our stomachs, took a nap, and then I washed the port side of the boat. This evening went and bought dramamine, checked out the yacht club and then the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

Tomorrow we should arrive in Santa Cruz around 4:00pm, where we can add some new photos to the blog. Hope to hear from you all soon, remember text only please.

First Mate Amy

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