23 September 2005

Getting Closer

Greetings all,
Time is getting shorter and shorter as we get ready to take off South. Its Friday morning and it is Amy's last day of work at Whole Foods and I am trying to get all the last minute projects completed on Sandpiper. We have moved over to the Presidio Yacht Club under the GG Bridge and it is a rare sunny day here, I believe that most of the projects that I wanted to complete before we left I have been able to finish. The latest was the new sails, we now have a brand new 110% jib and a new main with 3 reef points. I have never sailed the boat with nice sails so it will be like sailing a totally different boat! Other projects have been making sure that all the boats systems work 100% and ensuring that all the safety equipment is where it is supposed to be. Last minute projects are getting rid or our last car this weekend and saying good-by to friends on Saturday at our going away/open boat party here at the Yacht Club. We are hoping to head out sometime on Wed morning if the weather looks good and hitting every port South of here.
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