15 October 2005


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Greetings from Oxnard,

We left Santa Barbara at 10am saying good bye to our friends Heidi & Ian who are staying there for a few more days to have their boat repaired from a boat that hit them when they were anchored in San Simeon. Got to put up all the sails when we left the harbor and got to put up the new spinnaker, I think Amy had tears in her eyes as it was so beautiful. As soon as we were going a good 7 knots all the wind stopped and we had to motor the rest of the way to Oxnard where we arrived at 5pm.

We are moored up at the Channel Islands Yacht Club where they gave us a free slip for the night and let us use their showers. Amy and I had dinner at the "Whales Tale", its a really cheesy seafood restaurant that looks like it was happening back in the 70's, they even had a salad bar that was a boat! Then to the yacht club for some cocktails, and back to the boat for the night.

We are leaving early in the morning to get to Marina del Rey which is a 10 hour run.

If you have been checking this BLOG site and are wondering how this is getting posted, here's how it works. I am able to email from the boat using my laptop that is connected to a modem that is connected to an ICOM HF radio. The email is sent to my brother in Australia and he posts them on the BLOG. The "photo album" link on the lower right side of the BLOG page we are able to maintain whenever we are able to get internet access which has been a little more difficult to get. We got lucky in Monterey as there was WiFi in the marina that we were able to connect to.


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