14 October 2005

Santa Barbara

34'24".3N 119'41".4W
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Oh snap! Southern California is so nice and warm, actually hot, 93 degrees.

Arrival was uneventful, no sailing, sometimes we think we should just own a power boat. Arrived in Santa Barbara checked in with Habor Master, moved boat to slip and finally showered. Man was that nice. We sure did need them. Check in at the yacht club, fancy. Walked up State Street with the kids to a Taqueria and then crashed out.

Thursday Tom and I walked the rest of State street, saw a movie, "Two for the Money", it was OK. A little long. Tom's brother Ron use to live here so we checked in with a few of his friends too.

His friend Captain Paul lives on a 54ft Grand Banks, only 4 ever made, WOW! Also, had dinner with his friends John and Robin. It's nice getting in a car and going out. Checked in with our Canadian friends who had a rough time coming down the cost. They hit big winds and even bigger waves. They said at one point they were so high on a wave they didn't know which way they would come down, when they finally came crashing down they were going 12 knots, that's crazy talk in a sailboat. They said after that they were ready to pack it all in and head back home but a fellow boater talked them down.

Next stop, Oxnard.

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