19 October 2005

Long Beach

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I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. Tom and I are at the "Fluff and Fold" in Long Beach. One thing about the boat is that everything smells. Mildew is gross! I can't believe we walk around smelling like that. Things have been extremely wet here!

Pulled in Sunday night during a storm. After calling every yacht club and marina twice we finally found a place to stay. It's a fine place to stay except the harbor master wouldn't wait an extra 10 minutes for us to pull in, so we don't have a key for showers. If it wasn't for Jesus, the maintenance man, we wouldn't even be able to leave.

Met our friend Katie and her second mom Cindy for dinner Sunday night. We are hoping to see Katie a few more times before taking off.

Sunday night I didn't sleep at all. Lighting, thunder, water spouts = scary time on the boat. First times it's rained in SoCal since last year. In the past 3 days they've had more rain than all last year.

We spent yesterday at "The Happiest Place on Earth". That's right... Disneyland. What a blast! You're never to old to enjoy a day with the big mouse, even if it downpours throughout the day. The Jarmen clan met us at the park, as they had to leave their boat in Santa Barbara to get the work done. I think they had a good time even though everyone was soaked to the bone. Disney is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and reopened Space Mountain with way cool special effects. It totally kicked ass! We stayed until the end of the night for the spectacular fireworks show. Disney has spared no expense for the big celebration. My cousin Bob was able to join us for the day too. So that made it even that more special.

Hopefully the rain stops and we can walk the beach tomorrow and dry out the boat. We leave for Catalina on Thursday, with the big party Saturday.

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Katie totally hooked us up last night and let us spend the night at her and Ben's condo. We got to crash there, eat pizza, and hot tub!! Katie was also able to get our mail that my sister Janice has been holding in Salem, Oregon since we left Oakland, Which was nice since some of the mail was boat parts.

Amy and I spent the day doing laundry, went shopping, and explored.

Our next stop is Two Harbors at Catalina Island on Thursday afternoon for a big boaters party held by Lats & Att's Magazine. There is supposed to be lots of crazy sail-boaters there and we plan to be right in the middle of the party!!

Today we returned the rental car, then walked through Long Beach?(10 miles), having a few pitchers of Margaritas along the way. There was a filming of the TV show "Cold Case" right in front of our yacht club. So we took a few beers out and watched all the made up people walk around.

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