23 October 2005

Two Harbors, Catalina Island

  • Two Harbors
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We left Long Beach on Thursday morning and motor sailed for 6 hours to Two Harbors on Catalina Island. The main reason for Amy and I to come here was that our favorite sailing magazine "Latitudes & Attitudes" was having a big party for all the boaters moored up here.

You cannot really anchor here and there are about 200 mooring buoys that fill most the bay here, once you get here the harbor patrol comes out in their small boat and shows you where to moor up at. All the boats here are moored really close together so we had a lot of new neighbors.

Our friends Ian & Heidi left Santa Barbara on Thurs night and sailed all night getting here on Friday morning. The boat right next to us had 2 guys on it that loved to fish, they caught 6 lobsters right under their boat and gave us their biggest which we boiled up and ate on Friday night!!

On Saturday the harbor filled up with boats from all over the place and we found that the dinghy dock was a little to crowded for us as all the boats here were trying to tie their dinghies up and you had to walk over 4 or 5 other boats just to reach the dock, so we just paddled ashore and carried ours up the beach. There were boater lectures during the day, then at sunset the bar opened with free rum & Beer(this is really why we came).

There was a giant grill that everyone cooked out on and there was food that Latts & Atts provided as well, and a band that played on the beach. Amy made a giant pot of pasta salad that lasted less than 10 minutes and I don't think she ever had time to get any on her plate before it was all devoured. I even won a beach umbrella, beer holders that fit on the winch's, a hat, and a fishing lure!!

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