26 January 2009


Red Man Beach Bar
Anchored Carlisle Bay
Caribbean Sea
267 miles from S/V Christa
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Wow! How time flies when you are drinking rum!

Yes, we are still alive, still in Barbados, and the Sandpiper is all back together. With our busy social schedule it is amazing we have gotten anything done. Since our last post we wrapped up our week's free membership at the Yacht Club with a great hot shower, a quick WiFi hook up, a few rum punches, and lunch.

Last Sunday we awoke early and got on a bus in Bridgetown for an hour drive up the east coast of the island to The Crane Hotel where we enjoyed the Gospel Sunday Brunch. A wonderful treat for us to celebrate a belated Christmas and New Year's. While enjoying the gorgeous surroundings and a cold rum punch we met two Germans, Erol Gurian and Wolfgang, who were doing a story on Barbados for a German travel magazine. We asked if they had visited a rum shop yet. They answered "No", so we invited them to join us down at the 'Red Man Bar' later in the week. To our surprise they showed up, got to interview Doris the owner, and got to experience the real Barbados. I think a good time was had by all.

That night we were kidnapped by Tim and Sally. We got to sleep in their guest apartment in a real bed.

In the midst of all these fun times we were able to get the boat down to the yard and pull the mast off. We had tried and hoped it was going to be an easy fix of only climbing the mast and inserting our new bolt. But it wasn't going to work like that this time. With the help of Willie's Diving and Marine Services we used their crane to lift the mast off. Then they called us a local fabricator to come down and make us a few new bits and pieces for the spreaders.

While observing the locals for the past week I have noticed their leisurely island work pace. I was a bit concerned that we would be without a mast all week. But I was pleasantly surprised when all was done in one day. Then it was up to us to put everything back together.

Everyone at the yard was super friendly and helpful. And it made it convenient to have an Ace Hardware store in walking distance from the yard. It was also convenient to have Tiami Yacht Charters next to us where Josh, a skipper for the boats, hooked us up with a free shirt and bottle of rum punch.

As I write this Tom is finishing up with tighten the rigging and wiring. A bonus to the mast removal was the fact we were able to fix our spreader lights. They haven't worked in two years!

The last two nights we have been graciously hosted by Tim and Sally and their comfortable apartment. The four of us along with their neighbors went out for a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called 'Shakers Bar and Grill', a bungalow house converted into a warm and welcoming family run business. The owners are a husband and wife team. Amy, the bartender/hostess/waitress/do it all, is from the east coast of the US. Her husband is a local Bajan who does all the cooking. They have an amazing and booming business and you must visit if your ever here.

Our week was topped off yesterday afternoon when we attended a Christening. Not your normal Christening for a baby, but a Christening for three new puppies who were added to the 'Red Man Bar' family. The party was complete with fish cakes, corn beef sandwiches, and cake, which Tom and I were given the honors to cut and now makes us honorary Bajan's. With the puppies in a box and wrapped in bows a few nice words were said by Doris. A few songs sang by all, and a rum toast to complete the party.

I know we say this a lot, but Tom and I are ready to live here. It's close to the US. The people are amazing. It is beautiful. And the economy is doing better than anywhere else at the moment. We just need to sell the 'Piper. Anyone wanna buy a boat?

As hard as it is to leave, it is time for us to move on. Our current plan is to be in Bequia by the week's end where I have read there is lots of WiFi so we will catch up on our emails and Skype calls.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

One Love,
Amy and Tom


Tiami said...

Glad to hear that you got the mast back up, and are good to go.When you are in Bequia you should check out "Mac's Pizzeria", the pizza's are really good and have some toppings that you would not get anywhere else.
Also "Gingerbread" they have home made ice cream and coffee to die for!
Live slow, Sail fast
Barbados W.I

ames said...

The bartender/lady of all things was also named Amy, sweeeet!