28 January 2009

28-Jan-2009 Midnight Position

Midnight Position
Caribbean Sea

  • 43 nm from Barbados Island
  • 50 nm to Bequia Island
  • Winds NE 15-20 Knots
  • Seas NE 3-4ft, Rain
  • 413 Nautical Miles from SV Christa/Cap'n Chris
This morning I stayed aboard while friends ashore Tim & Sally took Amy shopping so I could finish last minute projects and get Sandpiper ready for sea. Sandpiper's bilge pump float switch had failed. We had been able to buy a new one in Barbados which I was able to installed and rewire before Amy got back. We then said a sad farewell to Doris and her cast of characters at the 'Red Man Bar', and to friends Tim and Sally that have taken such good care if us during out stop here in Barbados. Thanks Barbados!!

We were able to get the hook out of the sand by 1pm, one last wave to everyone on the beach, and then the Sandpiper was off for an overnight 96 mile sail to the island of Bequia. As the clock strikes midnight Sandpiper sailing straight downwind, averaging 5 knots through rain squalls. We are hoping to arrive off the coast of Bequia Island by late morning. We are planning to have the hook set and checked in with customs by early afternoon.

More When Anchored,
Tom and Amy

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