11 November 2008

11-Nov-2008 Noon Position

Noon Position
North Atlantic

  • 90 nm last 24hrs!!
  • 509 nm from Tangier
  • 59 nm to Canary Islands
  • Winds E 5 knots
  • Seas FAC calm
  • 1 fish caught, 1 fish lost
36 miles to go! It is currently 8pm here on the Sandpiper and we just finished dinner and a chick flick in the cockpit. We are smoothly sailing along at 3-4 knots, a flat sea and a large bright moon guiding our way. Overall this passage has been a lot better than we were anticipating, which is always good. It definitely paid to take our time and watch the weather carefully before leaving the Straits of Gibraltar.

We could have arrived last night if we powered thru with the engine. But we are not in any great hurry and it has been a nice, comfortable ride. I do however look forward to a hot shower, Canary Islands sunshine, and a laundromat. Washing clothes in a bucket with a plunger just doesn't do it for me. I just feel they aren't really clean.

Once we arrive at our first island we may hang for a few days and explore. We are looking forward to liberty.

Sandpiper clear,

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