10 November 2008

10-Nov-2008 Noon Update

North Atlantic Ocean

  • 116 nm last 24hrs!!
  • 419 nm from Tangier
  • 150 nm to Canary Islands
  • Winds calm
  • Seas FAC mirror calm
  • zero fish caught
No wind at all, Booooooo...The winds blew yesterday 10-15 knots right off the stern till about 4am this morning when all the wind just went away. We have been motoring at low rpm's since, giving us an average of 4 knots and we have 150 miles to the Canary Islands so this mean that unless the winds really start cracking that we will not be able to make port tomorrow. The winds are forecasted to stay light. Unless there is a change, we might be under motor until we get the hook dropped.

Just a few ship sightings last 24 hours. We overheard 'SV Sunshine and Daydreams' on VHF this morning. We do not know this boat, but talked to them for a few minutes. They are 40 miles ahead of us and a U.S. boat, from Chicago, that are on their way to the Canaries to get ready to cross the Atlantic as well. Just about any boat crossing the Atlantic this year is heading to, or already is in, the Canary Islands getting ready to cross. The best time to leave for the Caribbean is late November to early January when the trade winds blow the strongest and there is the lowest chance of hitting any storms.

Once again our Ipod has decided not to work and has cut into our nightly entertainment schedule.

More in 24!!
Tom and Amy

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