01 July 2008

Oh Snip...Fethiye, Turkey

Med Moored at Ece Marina
Lycian Coast

Oh snip! That’s what happened to me last Friday. I had pointed to a few photos thinking this would help with the language barrier. But I think the photos got turned around or something because what I got wasn’t what I had pointed to. But luckily it’s just hair and will grow back.

I had scooped out the salon last week with a mani/pedi, and all seemed good. I did notice that, unlike back home where most stylists are women, they are all men here. The women seem to stick with the beauty end of the parlor.

I needed to have my eyebrows trimmed up too as I hate to pluck. But I do occasionally wax on the boat, but they never look as good. So I tried it out before the haircut and was slowly tormented with the painful experiencing of much plucking and then threading. If you haven’t heard of threading, it is a hair removal method done with just that, thread. I'm not actually sure how it works, but it hurts! On the plus side my eyebrows haven’t looked this good in years. So just like sailing, you forget the painful parts quickly and focus on the positive. It’s always an experience and never a dull moment.

On a lighter subject, we have really been enjoying ourselves around Fethiye, home for the month. We have been able to crash our friend's neighbor’s hotel pool three times now. We have become tasting experts at the local cheap eats of Donar Kebab, our favorite being served at the ‘Corner Park’. The twice-weekly markets are incredible and we have been making smoothies in the morning and big fresh salads at night.

We have been enjoying our Egyptian bikes too, when they are not getting fixed, and exploring town looking for the cheapest beers.

I’ve been working on a few small excursions for us next week which, including a trip to Butterfly Valley where we sleep in a tree house. Also, a hike part of the famous Lycian Way, and to cool ourselves off in waterfalls.

If you want to send us a hello we would love hearing from you!

Ece Marina
S/V Sandpiper
1 Karagozler Mevkii
48300 Fethiye Mugla
More later,
Amy and Tom

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