29 June 2008

S/V My Chance

Alim Sür (also spellef Aglim) and his wife Hattaya (also known as Kian) have been featured in the Turkish news media for their 5-year circumnavigation of the globe in their catamaran S/V My Chance. They are from Turkey and they just arrived back home. Here are some links to some of the news about their home coming. These articles are in Turkish, but you should still check them out. Enjoy!

From Xtra! Magazine
From Deniz Haber (Turkish Maritime News)
From Wapedia (sort of a Turkish Who's Who Wiki)

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luz adriana Quintero said...

Congratulations you did it!
To be around of world is not easy overall when visas nid to be issue in foreign Countries, like Turkey or Colombia but is a very good achieve that put you in the best of learning cultures around of world regards fron.
Nana and Spencer in our boat Adverse Conditions.