01 June 2007

Orpheus Island, Queensland

Mooring Buoy at Little Pioneer Bay
Orpheus Island, Palm Islands

It is 4pm and we just tied up to a mooring buoy in Little Pioneer Bay on Orpheus Island. We left Magnetic Island at 7am and were able to average 5 knots for most of the day. The wind was right off Sandpipers stern and we had the jib poled out for most of the day. We had to motor for a few hours when passed close to islands along the way. There were dead spots where the islands blocked the wind.

Orpheus Island is part of the Palm Islands. There is a large Aboriginal population, most of the people living on Palm Island. The Aboriginal population is a lot like the Native Americans who live on reservations back in North America. Palm Island is one of the native territories in Australia.

We are planning on staying here the night and departing at 6am along with our friends on S/V Shiraz, who are on a mooring buoy just in front of us.

Tom and Amy

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