03 June 2007

Dunk Island, Queensland

Anchored Dunk Island
Queensland, Australia

Here we are at Dunk Island. Rene and I had big plans to check out the art from the artists' colony only to discover they haven't been in business since Cyclone Larry hit. Well... so much for checking out the island art.

We did, however, check out the island's bar and restaurant. Yesterday we went ashore with Shiraz, enjoyed some cold beers, and chatted about our great sail here. We decided to stick around for the night and hope our friends from Blue Sky would be pulling into the anchorage this afternoon. Instead, we found out they sailed right by us without calling on the radio and are already snug in a berth in Cairns. Sneaky!

We took advantage of sleeping in this morning. I then beat Tom at Scrabble, went in for lunch with Shiraz, and then beat Tom at Scrabble again. There was a time I couldn't even come close to winning a game. But now that I have Scrabble skills, look out!

We are going to pick up anchor here in about an hour for an overnight sail to Cairns (pronounced "cans"). We had some great winds coming here. So we are hoping for the same smooth sailing this trip.

Cairns will be our last big town before Darwin. So we hope to do a little provisioning, a couple of boat projects, and catch a movie. We will be staying at the marina and should have Internet access. So look for us on Skype.

We heard from my Dad this morning. He is safe at home in Sacramento after his cross-country Harley adventure. He rode with 30,000 other biker vets down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC over the Memorial Day weekend. The bike must have handled great because he decided to ride it back home to California. Congrats Dad! Good on ya!

Chat with ya soon,
Amy and Tom

Notes From Ron:

  • Cyclone Larry hit Queensland last year and did a lot of damage, including destroying Australia's banana crop for a year.
  • Hey Amy! Did it occur to you that Tom's Scrabble skills are declining thanks to retirement and beer? Ha ha.

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