26 April 2007

Middle Percy Island

Anchored West Bay
Middle Percy Island, Queensland

Hey all. We are currently anchored at Middle Percy Island. Since we have last written we spent the night in Pearl Bay. We had heard a lot of good things about Pearl Bay. However, we weren't all that impressed. Granted we didn't get off the boat, but the anchorage was quite rolly, which didn't made for a restful night of sleep. We picked up anchor quite early, since we weren't sleeping anyways, and headed for our current location at Middle Percy Island.

We pulled into Percy just in time for a sundowner, a beautiful sunset, and another chance for me to beat the boys at Scrabble. I thought we would have these anchorages to ourselves. But here in Percy, there are 4 other boats. One of those boats is a large catamaran complete with naked sailors, strobe lights, and loud dance music.

We made it to shore today. There is an A-frame structure named "The Percy Hilton" with signs from all the boats that have visited the island, some as far back as the 1960's. We found an empty plank of wood and added the 'Sandpiper' to the collection.

We are pulling up anchor shortly for our next stop, Digby Island, a 4 hour sail from here. We shall then be pulling into Mackay on Friday afternoon where we will stay for a few days.

Love to all

Amy, Tom and Iain

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