29 September 2006


We left the Presidio Yacht Club exactly one year ago, on a dark foggy cold morning, 28 September 2005! If you really have some time to burn, you could go to our blog post for this date last year and see what was happening on Team Sandpiper as we departed the Bay Area.

We it a 4535 nautical miles straight line from where we departed that day a year ago, to where we are anchored here, in Fiji. We have actually probably covered twice that distance if we did the math and retraced all of our track lines.

When we departed San Francisco, we had no particular destination. At the time, we thought we would be in the Caribbean around this time. So who wants to guess where we will be in another year?

We have covered many miles in the last year and are looking forward to the journey to come. So stay tuned!

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