10 August 2006

10-Aug-2006 Noon Position

French Polynesia to Niue
South Pacific Ocean

  • 10-Aug-2006
  • 17°58.4000"S/160°18.8000"W
  • 117nm in last 24hrs
  • 497nm from Bora Bora
  • 547nm to Niue
  • 10-15 knots E
  • swells 6ft SE
We are still plugging along. We are just a little slower every day as the trades are slowing down. Today we are averaging 4 knots, which is a huge change from 2 days ago when we were averaging 7.

We might have to skip Palmerson Island, as it looks like we will be there tomorrow night. We do not want to have to heave-to and wait for sunlight to get in. And, as our friend Jim on S/V Blue Sky says, "How are we supposed to get a beer on a Sunday?"

On the islands we have visited so far, the Christian missionaries have done such a great job in converting everyone that you can not do anything on Sunday except go to church. You can not even go for a swim!

We are really looking forward to getting to Nuie as the water their is supposed to be really clear. The island has no rivers, so supposedly you can see the bottom at 200ft!

More in 24,

Tom and Amy

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