09 August 2006

09-Aug-2006 Noon Position

French Polynesia to Niue
South Pacific Ocean

  • 09-Aug-2006
  • 17°31.4000"S/158°19.1000"W
  • 129nm in last 24hrs
  • 380nm from Bora Bora
  • 664nm to Niue
  • 15-20 knotsSE
  • swells 8ft SE
Are we there yet???? What day is it? Are we on day 3? Or 4? Does that make it Tuesday? Can you tell I'm a little antsy?

I think it was day one when I made beans and rice for dinner. I wanted to put sour cream on top. But of course the sour cream was at the bottom of the fridge. So after removing everything out of the fridge, bringing myself back upright, swearing 'I hate this', telling Tom "Please don't talk to me for a few minutes.", the sour cream was out of date.

Doing much better since then. I even made a somewhat substantial enchilada dinner last night, minus sour cream.

The weather has been good for us. The winds died down a little last night. So we are averaging 5 knots instead of 6. Yesterday we tied with our record of 140 nautical miles in 24 hours. Today was only 120. This puts us a little ahead of schedule, since we usually figure 100 miles a day. So that's good!

The full moon had been great at night. It is easier to see the giant swells come crashing into the cockpit. It also makes for a little extra reading light. Since being schooled on the Southern Cross in Bora Bora, we watch that go by us throughout the evening too.

If all goes well, and weather permitting, we may stop at the island of Palmerston. Currently we are 252 miles away. So we will keep you updated on that one.

Miss you all. I hope all is well with everyone on solid ground.


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