09 April 2006

09-Apr-2006 Position

  • 09-Apr-2006 Noon
  • 139nm made good last 24 hours
  • 1231 Miles from Z-town
  • 1969 Miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
  • NE 20-30 knots wind, NE 8-10ft swell (Amy says 12ft)
130 Miles!!!!!!! I think that has to be a record for Sandpiper. We had really strong winds for the last 24 hours and have made our most mileage in 24hrs yet. We have had winds right off the Starboard quarter, and large swells that we have been surfing down. I am more impressed with Sandpiper's sailing abilities the more we sail. The faster Sandpiper goes the better she steers.

Using the windvane with a strong wind holds us dead on course, and we are just along for the ride. We reefed the main last night at sunset as the winds were getting stronger. We still do not have the jib out... just the stay sail.

We have had 100% cloud cover all day and we have gotten the first rain since leaving southern California. As we get closer to the equator, the more rain squalls there will be, until we get to the SE trade winds.

Amy baked up her newest recipe, 6 knot lasagne. Ymmmm! There is nothing like trying to bake up a dinner on a boat that is surfing down waves and rolling all over the place!

Tom and Amy
Translations from Ron:
  • SE trade winds = The tradewinds south of the equator caused by the southern Hadley Cell. [previously explained in mind numbing detail here]
  • Windvane = The Sandpiper's Saye's Rig, a self steering mechinism.
  • Jib = A trinagle sail in front of the mast with a boom.
  • 6 knot = (as in lasagne). The Sandpiper's average current speed (139/24). Who Hoo!

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