08 April 2006

08-Apr-2006 Position

  • 08-Apr-2006 Noon
  • 125nm made good last 24 hours
  • 1093 Miles from Z-town
  • 2101 Miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
  • NE 15 knots wind, NE 5ft swell

We had a great 24 hrs of sailing and are still sailing today with the wind right off the stern. The winds today are not nearly as strong as yesterday. The boat has stopped rolling all over the place for now.

I was taking a nap up forward yesterday and had the porthole open over the bunk as it is so hot down here. Sandpiper hit a big wave and most of that wave came through the porthole right on my head.

There are about 30 other boats all crossing right now. We have all left at different dates, so there are boats spread out all over this route. We are able to hear most of them on the SSB (ham radio), and we all check in with each other at noon every day. This lets us know what everyone else is experiencing and what weather they are having. Everyone is steering different courses and have left from different ports, so the boats are pretty spread out. Several of the boats have already gotten there and have reported back to us on checking in procedures once we get there.

Tom and Amy

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