02 April 2006

02-Apr-2006 Position

  • 02-Apr-2006
117nm made good last 24 hours. 359 Miles from Z-town.

Sailed till this morning at sunrise when the wind just went away. We have been motorsailing and am hoping for the wind to come back up tonight. This gives us a chance to get the batteries charged up and run the watermaker.

We have been checking in on SSB 6212 at 0630 local (Picante Net/Radio rob in Puerta Vallarta), and the puddle jump net SSB 8188 1230 local time.

We had strong winds last night and sailed with the main and stay-sail all night with some nice swells. This morning the door on the head decided to lock itself and the only way to get it to open was to break the hinges, so its held shut with a bungee cord now. There's always something!

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