09 December 2005

Greetings from San Blas

  • San Blas
Sandpiper made a night of motor sailing as we left Mazatlan at 9am heading south for Puerto Vallarta. We arrived at the Southern end of San Blas around 2pm the following afternoon and had planned on anchoring in Matachen Bay, but upon arriving saw that the anchorage had little to offer and you had to anchor a mile off the beach as the water was so shallow, so we changed plans and went into the Port and anchored in the river right off town.

Upon entering the harbor entrance, “Norm”, the unofficial cruisers port captain, came on the radio asking if anybody needed assistance. So Norm came back to us on the radio telling us all the shallow areas in the channel and where to anchor. Norm even arranged for all the cruisers anchored there to tie off to the Mexican Navy patrol boats that are moored there.

At first I was a little sceptical. So we got a dinghy ride from one of the other boats that we knew there, “SV Shilling of Hamil”, who are out of England sailing south. Sure enough, as you pull up to the patrol boats, the navy crew helps to tie your dinghy off and helps you ashore. Try that in the U.S.!!

Our first night in San Blas we met up with Norm and his wife, along with the crews of the other boats moored in the river, for dinner in town. Norm is an American that has lived in San Blas for the last 40 years. He makes himself available to all the sailors stopping in San Blas. He even had some 190 proof rum that he got from somewhere to share with us.

San Blas is really cool and filled with all kinds of shady characters. Lots of Americans living there that all have a story as to why they had to leave the U.S. “Suddenly” and move to Mexico. Amy and I met some other travellers who had stopped in San Blas. We met Gary, who is from Australia. He bought an old truck in San Diego, rebuild the engine and suspension, and is driving from San Diego to the Southern tip of South America.

On the second day in San Blas, Norm arranged a jungle tour for us and crew from Shilling of Hamil. We left at 6am for a river tour, where we saw tons of jungle life, and stopped at a crocodile-breeding center.

We left San Blas at 1pm that afternoon enroute to Chacala (20 miles) because the “no see-em” mosquitoes there were eating everyone and making it very hard to sleep.

Capt'n Tom & First Mate Amy

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