17 April 2009

Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Anchored in White Bay
  • 1181 nm to Charleston, SC
Hello all. This is a 'Sister Shannon' update. I'm 'living the dream' with Amy and Tom this week.

After a nice snorkel trip around Cinnamon Bay yesterday  The 'Piper was off again.  We motored-sailed over to the British Virgin Islands to have a nice lunch at Foxy's [caution: the Foxy's website has loud music]. Foxy's is a famous bar that Kenny Chesney sings about. So being the Kenny fan that I am it was a fun little place to see. It wasn't exactly what we all thought. More of a tourist trap than anything else. The waitresses were rude and talked on their cell phones while we waited to order food and drinks. After Tom got beers from the bar we finally had a chance to order food.  Tom and Amy did decide that the conch fritters we had were the best that they have had.

After lunch we boarded the 'Piper and set off around the bay to White Bay Beach.  It is filled with charter boats and people everywhere. The water was warm and the beers were cold. We walked around the beach checked in at a few of the local bars and did some people watching. We headed back to the Soggy Dollar Bar where Tom and Amy had a couple of the famous Painkiller drinks, which is like a rum eggnog drink with nutmeg.  After beers and cocktails on the beach we headed back to the 'Piper for dinner and a movie.

Today we're headed over to Cane Garden Bay for more snorkeling.

More Later,
Shannon, Amy & Tom

Note From Ron: Here is a good article about Foxy's bar turning 40 last month.

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