28 March 2009

Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Anchored at Pigeon Island
Rodney Bay
St Lucia Island
Caribbean Sea

  • 50ft from SV Christa!!!
  • Mom Sherman & Dr. Bob arrive tonight!!!
  • Sam from Utah aboard!!!
Let the reunions commence! We have finally met up with Captain Chris from S/V Christa! It has been nearly three years since our last round up in Mexico. Since then most of you know that Chris has retired from the Coast Guard and has been solo sailing on his Westsail 32. It was many years and many miles ago that Christa and Piper were side by side at the Presidio Yacht Club in San Francisco. But it feels just like yesterday.

Upon entering Rodney Bay we had radioed Chris to tell him we were in route. Chris met us half mile out in his dingy, our old dingy, with a long awaited familiar smile and warm welcome. It was just like old times and the boys instantly fell back into the old routine of hazing each other. The night continued with good food and lots of catching up.

The next day we headed in to check out town and Reduit Beach. I personally was disappointed in the beach scene. It is a steep beach and the water clarity is not that great. We kept our hand-held radio close to us all day in anticipation of hearing our friend Sam's voice. Sam is another long-time Coast Guard friend of Tom's who currently lives in Utah working as an aircraft mechanic for Sky West Airlines. Some of you may remember that Sam was our savoir in Turkey for getting us home first class style using his Delta buddy passes.

Just as we were about to loose Chris to an episode of A.D.D we heard Sam's voice calling out for Sandpiper. Another happy reunion with hugs all around and we were off back to the Piper to kick back and catch up.

Yesterday we moved the boats to our current anchor location just off Pigeon Island and the Jambe De Bois Café. Our plans for the next few days don't include too much, sun, swim, more catching up


Tom Note: We have had a lack of internet connection since being in Grenada and that and being with friends and family, we have not been able to get up to date on our postings. As soon as we can get a connection with good bandwidth we will get postings, photo's and videos up to date.

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