12 January 2009

Bridgetown, Barbados

Anchored Carlisle Bay
Caribbean Sea

  • 267 Nautical Miles from Cap'n Chris on the S/V Christa
Rum Punch + Landing The Dinghy Ashore = Drama...

It is official. We are in the Caribbean Sea!!

We kept tying to slow the Piper down but she was much to eager to get to an anchorage. The winds picked up over 20 knots right off the stern as we made landfall one hour before sunrise. The moon was full, making it very easy to see the shoreline as we rounded Barbados' north end. We arrived to the main port of Bridgetown at 10am where Port Control directed us to enter the harbor to clear in with customs, health, immigration, and the Port Captain. Once completed, we left the harbor. Once outside the jetty we anchored where we are now.

We dropped the hook right off a perfect white sand beach lined with beach bars. As soon as the anchor set under 20 feet of crystal clear water we both jumped in to celebrate. We then ventured ashore with the dingy and never made it father then the first beach bar closest to the dinghy. After sunset most the tourists laying around on the beach disappear and the bar was full of locals smoking funny looking cigarettes. Somehow on a perfectly calm beach we were able to flip the dingy twice after maybe too much 'punch'.

Our plans are to stay at anchor here in Carlisle Bay for the next 7-10 days before we make our way 90 miles to the west to the island of St Lucia. While we are here we will replace the broken bolt in the mast, then reattach the lower shrouds and retune the rig.

Since leaving Grand Canary Island we have used a total of 4 gallons of diesel. Nice!

More before we go,
Tom and Amy

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