07 January 2009

07-Jan-2009 Noon Update

Atlantic Crossing Day #14
North Atlantic Ocean

  • 101 nm last 24 hours
  • 1613 nm from Cape Verde
  • 409 nm to Barbados
  • Winds NE 10 Knots
  • Seas NE 2-3 feet
We still have a mast...

We were expecting 100 mile days as we are under a poled out jib to starboard, staysail out to port with the main furled and secured. And we made 101 nautical miles.

The weather has been very mild this last 24-hours, with 10 knots of wind right off the stern giving us an average of 4 knots. All through the night we could see the mast jiggling around. We kept tightening the running backstays to try to keep it under control.

This morning we looked up at the mast and could see it wiggling around in the middle right where the broken lower shrouds used to attach so I climbed up the mast to the spreaders and attached a sling around the mast. Then I attached a rope the sling and attached the other end to a come-along that was attached to the chain plates where the lower shrouds used to attach to the deck. Once this was all rigged I wrenched down on the come-along until there was a good stain in it. Now the mast is looking pretty secure.

We are making good time without the main sail, so this will be our rig until we get anchored. It looks like a simple repair as all I should have to do is replace the broken bolt through the spreaders. Then I need to re-attach the lower shrouds, then tune the rig. I do not have a bolt that long on board, so will have to find one in Barbados.

The downside is back where where the running backstays attach to the deck. One of the eyes has completely pulled thru the deck and the other has snapped in half. I do not think these attachment points were ever meant to support the whole weight of the mast.

One ship last 24 hours, one mile off our port side, heading SW. The weather today is very nice with a nice warm sun out and just a few puffy trade wind clouds floating around above us. It is also laundry day and showers. Yaaaa!

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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