02 January 2009

02-Jan-2009 Noon Update

Atlantic Crossing Day #9
North Atlantic Ocean

  • 129 nm last 24 hours
  • 993 nm from Cape Verde
  • 1028 nm to Barbados
  • Winds NE 15-20 Knots
  • Seas NE 3-4 feet, 8 foot N Swell
Hump Day - Half Way Across!!

Another respectable run, making 129 nautical miles last 24-hours. This morning we were visited by three Pilot Whales swimming along Piper's, side checking her out. Even before we saw them we could hear them through the hull whistling to each.

Only one ship sited in the last 24 hours. In the early morning, our C.A.R.D (Collision Avoidance Radar Detector) started chirping away. And sure enough, a set of ships lights popped up over the horizon. But it never got closer then 6 miles from us.

Not much new to report. Just living the dream...

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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